Home of Hope

a orphanage run by Chivero Mission

Our Story

Chivero Home of Hope opened its doors to orphans from Chivero area in January 2018. Current enrollment stands at twenty – 12 boys and 8 girls living in shared dormitory-style accommodation. The children’s ages range from 7 to 12 years old. Enrollment of the children was a joint effort involving the church, local Councillor, traditional leaders and local schools.

Partner with Home of Hope

as we care for God’s precious children. 

Our Service

The children are prvoided food, clothing and are transported to and from Chingwere Primary School, which is 7 km away for their schooling. At the Orphanage Home they have a spacious and equipped play-center from which the children mingle.

We want to thank Tanaka for providing special funds that have made these projects possible.