History of Chivero Mission

Chivero Church of Christ in Zimbabwe unites around the core values of accountability, empathy, excellence, servanthood and empowerment. This is the shared philosophy and vision of Chivero Mission.

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Beginning of Chivero Mission

Evangelist, Christopher Magadu, Founder of Chivero Mission

The history of Chivero Church of Christ Mission in Zimbabwe can be traced to the year 2000. At the height of the land reform program in Zimbabwe, Evangelist Christopher Magadu (the pioneer and founder of the Chivero Mission) went out to Chivero area scouting for land to establish a Mission. It was during his sojourns that the number of orphans touched him and generally, poor living standards he witnessed in the area. This persuaded him to consider establishing an orphanage, a farm, learning and health facilities over and above the evangelical calling that the Chivero community badly needed. The land application that he submitted in the year 2000 was vetted (2002), approved and 80 hectares pegged (2004).


Initial Funds Raised

Four Staff Houses and Clinic Built

Governing Board Created

Initial Construction Begins

Credit to Brother Leonard Amanat (USA missionary) whose accompaniment and fund-raising efforts yielded the pioneer funds for land clearing in 2004. That same year, the Landmark Church of Christ (USA) extended a hand for the construction of the first four staff houses and a clinic. The inauguration of the first seven-member governing board (headed by Brother Mhlanga) for the institution was done in mid-2004.


Church Building, Farm, and Clinic Opens

Chivero church of Christ

Momentum gathered in the year 2005 with the construction of the church building and farming (both crop and livestock). The following year (2006) saw completion and opening of the only clinic in the catchment area of Chivero Mission.


Decade of Economic Struggles

John and Beth Reese with Chris Magadu and his family

However, this progress was held back by a decade (2007-2016) of financial barrenness in the backdrop of a global financial crisis (those also affected sponsors) and continued economic meltdown in Zimbabwe. Brother John Reese (USA) ended the “drought” with an injection of funds for the construction of an orphanage.


Fundraising for Orphanage

Chivero Home of Hope

Fund-raising campaigns mainly in the USA through Corey and Julie Jones and John and Beth Reese attracted more resources that enabled the building completion of Chivero Home of Hope in 2017. That same year witnessed the succession of the pioneer governing board by the current board.

Corey and Julie continue their work in supporting Chivero Home of Hope through their organization Tanaka.

Chivero Home of Hope

In January 2018, the orphanage housed its first 20 children, which included 13 boys and 7 girls.


Orphanage Opens its Doors

Chivero Mission Reservoir

Chivero Mission – Zimbabwe, Africa 

A reservoir installed in October 2018 has gone a long way to support both human, crops and livestock at the Mission.


Reservoir Installed


Chivero Mission Thriving

Chivero Mission – Zimbabwe, Africa 

The Mission prides itself with a growing congregation, thriving farm, a clinic and a home for twenty orphans. We have also completed a drip irrigation system for the vegetable garden. We are currently in the process of setting up Vana Feeding Program, which provides a meal for orphans and widows in the surrounding areas.