Chivero Mission Farming

for an efficient and sustainable Mission

Our Farm

The Mission sits on 80 hectares of which at least 70% is arable. Currently, Chivero Mission is utilizing on average 4 hectares annually for cropping (mostly maize) and has a herd of 10 cattle. For the 2017-18 summer cropping season, the farm harvested 4 tons of maize. The Mission has a history of poultry production. The farm is headed by a Farm Manager who supervises farm workers and casual laborers. We use a tractor, discs, 4-row planter, a 120,000-liter water reservoir, irrigation pipes and hand farming tools to accomplish the farming methods for a sustainable business.

Our Operations

The farm has the potential to make Chivero Mission self-sustainable. Drip-irrigated Horticulture production, poultry and cattle ranching have potential to be explored. The rich red loam soils and a favorable climate all support that potential. Production levels are currently at subsistence level with staff and the orphanage as the benefactors.