Quality Health Care

for the Chivero Community

The Chivero Clinic

Since opening its doors for 24-hour service in 2006, the Chivero mission Clinic is the only healthcare centre in Chivero area serving a community of about 4,561 people. The facility offers Outpatients services, Immunisation, Maternity and HIV Testing Services. Common ailments treated there include diarrhoeal diseases, sexually transmitted infections and occupational injuries mainly from surrounding artisanal miners.

Our Operations

Chivero Clinic currently operates as a satellite clinic for Nhowe hospital, from where it gets some material and administrative support. The Clinic is run by three (3) qualified nurses but lacks supporting staff in the form of a Nurse–Aide, security guard and General hand. Chegutu Hospital covers the area with an outreach Extended Program for Immunization (EPI) at neighboring Chingwere Primary School (7 km away). The Clinic does not have an Ambulance for emergencies. The maternity services lack a waiting mothers’ shelter.

Challenges and Goals

Essential drugs are in short supply following the budget cuts from Cordaid funding. The Clinic staff is currently accommodated almost a kilometer and half away from the Clinic. Accomodations are now being constructed for the staff on the Clinic’s campus.

Healthcare fees are next to free in a country where inflation affects every sector of the economy. Innovative ways of balancing costs and provision of uncompromised quality healthcare services thus become apparent. Despite the current state and challenges, the Clinic is envisioned to be transformed to become a hospital within the coming 10 years.