Chivero Mission

Chivero church of Christ in Zimbabwe, Africa 

Chivero Church

leads the mission to show Christian loving-kindness to
our kids and community.

Home of Hope

is the orphanage that is
run by Chivero Mission.

The Clinic

that cares for our
kids and our community.

The Farm

will help Chivero Mission to become self-sustaining.

What is Chivero Mission?

Chivero Mission is a work performed by the Chivero church of Christ in Zimbabwe, Africa…

How can I Help?

The most important thing you can do, is PRAY! We also invite you to be a partner in the Chivero Mission!

Our Vision

is to create a Christ-
centered empowered
community in
Zimbabwe, Africa…

Our History

of the Chivero
Church of Christ
Mission in Zimbabwe
can be traced to
the year 2000…